Our production fixers in Dubai act as a full-service production company in the UAE. Our local fixers can offer autonomous scouting and permit processing services. We can also assist with finding highly skilled crew and talent for your project.

Our fees and charges are not fixed since we operate on a freelance basis. Our services are just as effective as that of regular production companies in the UAE, but more affordable.  

Location Scouting

The United Arab Emirates offer several locations in its pristine deserts, palaces, exquisite beaches and buildings with futuristic architecture. Our team of local production fixers can assist with finding the perfect location for your shoot and handle all details of the permits processing.

Crew Sourcing

You will find a good pool of experienced and qualified local crew available for hire in the UAE.  There are also great expats who have relocated to Dubai and other cities in the UAE. We assist you in finding English speaking local and expat crew in the UAE that are able to deliver at international standards.

Equipment Hire

There are a number of great options for renting filming equipment in the UAE. There is an abundance of standard gear available locally including equipment like the Russian arm, gyro heads and technocranes among others. You can also rent drones from registered local suppliers in the country.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Our Dubai fixers have extensive experience working on reports for international media and journalists.  No matter where you are working in the Emirates, we can help you with initial research, fact checks, setting up interviews and general production assistance.  

General Production Support

We are able to deliver just as effectively as a fully-fledged production company at a fraction of the cost. Our Dubai fixers can set up shoots anywhere in the United Arab Emirates and supply all your production needs through our network of local partners.