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Production professional working in the industry since 1999 servicing various international clients in his home city of Dubai. Ayman is quite versatile and did various roles in projects ranging from commercials to feature films, docs and news. He helped produce content for clients such as The Guardian, Fox News, Canal 5 France and was the government liaison for Mission Impossible 4 (2010) and among the location management team for Fast & Furious 7 and Location Manager/Government Liaison on Kung Fu Yoga.


Senior Production Specialist

Paul Lungu oversees the production work across the territories covered by Storytailors. He was actively involved in servicing production for content broadcast on platforms like Netflix, CNN, Discovery, Channel 4 UK, ARTE, ZDF and many others. Before founding Storytailors he was the staff director of London-based ShortsTV, the home of short form entertainment and owner of the Oscar Nominated Short Films theatrical franchise.

Fixer in Dubai is a network of local media professionals based in the United Arab Emirates. We work with foreign TV and film production crews and provide production assistance for journalists in the UAE.

Be sure to contact us if you are considering working in the United Arab Emirates for any project.

Fixer in Dubai offers:

  • Highly flexible and affordable services
  • Efficient all-around production support for foreign journalists and film crews
  • Reliable local support with an international approach

Fixer in Dubai is a member of Storytailors video production companya team of media professionals spread across various countries in the world.

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