Fixer in Dubai: Reliable Production Support for Foreign Crews and Journalists in the UAE

Fixer in Dubai is a team of qualified media professionals providing essential local support to foreign crews and international journalists. We offer all-around production assistance either directly or through our network of local partners.

Our Dubai fixers have been working with international crews on projects in the Emirates for years and we can provide references.

Fixer in Dubai is a branch of Storytailors, an international network of reliable media professionals providing production fixer and general services worldwide.  

Fixer in Dubai

Fixer in Dubai provides production services such as:

General assistance for production in the United Arab Emirates for international TV crews and journalists

Sourcing and hiring of affordable local technical and non-technical crew in the Emirates

General production research and permits processing

As a member of your production crew, our team of fixers in Dubai can take up specific roles including:

Production assistance

Production management

Location scout/management

Our team of fixers in the United Arab Emirates are available for work everywhere in the country. We also have an extensive network of local partners which makes it easy to provide for your production needs anywhere in the Emirates.

Our team has full knowledge to help foreign crews filming in Dubai, but also journalists working on press pieces. While film permits are generally processed quickly, you need a local partner to do so. The UAE government is supportive to filmmakers offering a 30% cash rebate on production done in the country.

Contact Fixer in Dubai if you need any information about filming in the UAE. We will gladly provide initial consultation and research for free.

Production Services

Support for international journalists

Research, quick fact checks, logistics and general assistance

TV commercials

Logistics, locations scouting, crew hiring

General production assistance

Fixer in Dubai provides all-around local support for foreign filmmakers

Film production

Affordable and quality fixer service for films and documentary productions

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Rent production gear and hire local crew anywhere in the UAE

Location scouting and permits processing

Access to all production locations anywhere in the country

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