The United Arab Emirates is no stranger to filmmaking. More than 6000 productions chose the cities of the beautiful Arabian Peninsula since the year 2005. Filming in Dubai is under the administration of the Dubai Film and TV Commission.

There are limitless filming locations all over the Emirates, an impressive pool of local talent and state of the art production facilities.

Film permits are issued quickly in the Emirates while the government is supportive towards filmmaking. A 30% cash rebate is applicable to certain productions.

Dubai and the Emirates are not cheap by comparison to other places in the Middle East. However, the amazing pool of local professionals and infrastructure make filming in Dubai something any producer should consider.

Filming Permits

To film in Dubai or any of the 7 emirates, you need to obtain permits from authorities. You need to partner with a local production house who will take responsibility for the project.

The UAE is a film-friendly country and permits can be processed speedily. You will also need additional access for privately owned locations like the Burj Khalifa.

It is illegal to film sensitive government locations without obtaining permission from relevant authorities. Also, projects promoting alcoholic drinks or involving nudity are not allowed.

Access for Foreign Journalists

Filming in Dubai as a foreign journalist is quite straightforward. Thus you will need to apply for journalist accreditation from the National Media Council as a foreign journalist or news correspondent intending to work in the UAE for a specific period of time.

Tax Incentive

The UAE government offers a cash rebate of 30% on production within the country. The Abu Dhabi Film Commission manages the scheme and offers the incentive to feature films, commercials, music videos and game shows.

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