Dubai needs little introduction to anyone who’s ever been out on a trip. It’s a dream destination for many, and a favorite to the lucky ones. Luxurious, modern, and expensive, hiring a production assistant in Dubai for your next filming job is key for a great experience.

Production assistant in Dubai, what they know

Out of all of the filming locations you can pick around the world, there’s little doubt that Dubai is one of the impressive ones. Hiring a production assistant in Dubai is key not just because they know where the best filming spots are but also because they know the internal workings of this city. Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates, a country with strict laws that all people follow respectfully. The place is organized and ever-growing. Regardless if you want to shoot at the tallest building in the world, on the20-lane highways, or at the indoor ski slope in the largest mall on Earth, Dubai has got them all.

What does a production assistant in Dubai know that you don’t? For starters, there are still hidden gems in Dubai, even though you might think they’re none when first thinking about this place. Ever heard of Alserkal Avenue? Most probably not, but you’re missing out. Or have you ever heard of Dubai’s The Farm? Or the Love Lake, have you heard it? All of these places, and many more, are ready for you to explore and film at, no matter the type of video production you’re in for. A local will get you in all of these still unknown gems before they turn into tourist magnets.

The strict rules of filming in Dubai

Being part of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is under strict rules when it comes to life in general, but nothing over the top. Still, when it comes to filming, there are things which you can do, and then things which you cannot do. This is why having your production assistant in Dubai and who lives there is crucial for providing the right kind of production support. It’s one thing to do your homework about this place online, and another to actually get on the ground and mess things up, legally, for some formalities you’ve missed.

This will never happen with your assistant who’s familiar and experienced with the laws of the country. They will know who to call for a filming permit, for booking accommodation and meals for your crew and actors. They also know how to transport gear and people from one filming location to the next. In a phrase, they’re the fixers you need when in Dubai. You can rest assured your filming day will most likely go about uneventful and smooth. Dubai is simply fascinating, like a mirage in the desert, offering new chances to young and veteran filmmakers who want to reach for the stars. Without a doubt, there’s a lot of magic in this city!