Dubai is the city of extremes, of the future happening now. For your media production in Dubai to go about well, you need to know the secrets of this place beforehand. When it comes to this surreal city, nothing will stop short of extraordinary, regardless of the type of your production.

Media production in Dubai – how to nail it

Media production in Dubai is a matter of finances. If you’ve got the money, you can shoot incredible movies or documentaries in this city alone. Vastly diverse, including the modern part and the old town, with its souqs and wooden boats, this is a complete contrast from the luxurious hotels and skyscrapers, as well as yachts from downtown. Visiting Dubai is a good enough way to assure yourself that you’re going to have a great time while filming here.

The very first rule of media production in Dubai is applying for your permit. Or permits, if you intend on filming in more than one location. If that’s the case, go online and apply for it as early as you can, before you even plan your trip overseas. Luckily, you can apply for filming permits online completely, so there’s no need for international mail that never gets delivered or other nonsense. Just go online, type in your requirements and you’re good to go. Prices depend on locations, but you can expect anywhere from 1000 to 2500 UAE for a three-day permit to shoot in public places.

Another important rule to remember is that in Dubai, most people speak good English as they’re expats. Most but not all of them though, as many locals who you might be interested in featuring in your production only speak Arabic. A local translator and guide is essential for a painless shooting experience.

Where to shoot incredible scenes in Dubai

Dubai is the city of absolutes. You’ve got the tallest ever building that mankind has ever erected. You also have the largest mall with indoor ski slopes, a unique installation worthy of a documentary itself. Between skyscrapers and modern transportation, luxurious beaches, and7-star hotels, Dubai has got it all. And don’t forget about the Creek area, where Dubai was born, and where history has been kept to remind rulers and regular people of how humble it all started for the Emirate. This place is great for shooting travel series or advertisements.

At the top of your list of media production in Dubai locations, you should also include the new Frame. This is a huge construction that looks like a frame and can be claimed upon. Also, visit the Miracle Gardens of Dubai for the craziest flower arrangements you’ll ever see, including a full-scale A380 airplane made out of flowers. For diversity, go to the Dubai World island, an archipelago of manmade islands done to represent every single country and continent on the planet. Land prices here are in the realms of millions of dollars.