When it comes to Dubai, nothing is out of the question. You can do anything there, from activities to dinners, and from luxury living to sailing on the sea in a big yacht. Filming in Dubai? You can do that! And it all starts with finding the right film fixer in Dubai for your movie, TV series, or documentary.

What can a top film fixer in Dubai do

The top qualities of a film fixer in Dubai are, in random order, experience, portfolio, communication, and problem-solving. In terms of experience, a fixer who works in Dubai has to have at least 3 years of experience on their belt. If they can provide proof of them working for at least that amount of time, that means they can generally handle any fixer problem that you can live on your set. If they’re lower than that in the experience department, that doesn’t mean they’re not a fit for your job. It just means you’ve got to dig a little deeper and find out.

Another top quality of a film fixer in Dubai is their portfolio. Ask them to provide a portfolio of their previous clients. See if they’ve been working on any projects that are even similar to your own. If they did, you’re that much closer to a hire. Make sure their portfolios contain testimonials from previous clients. This way, you can read about just how great of a job they did with their former employers. It’s a matter of experience and portfolio that will tell you if they are worth their desired price.

Communication is another big quality your fixer has to have. There’s nothing worse than not being on the same page with your crew, especially with someone who’s supposed to solve any issue that might come up on set. That along with problem-solving are crucial qualities in your future film fixer.

What to expect from Dubai filmmaking

Now that you’ve secured your very own film fixer in Dubai, here are some things you should know about filming there. Starting with laws. Dubai is not a marvel of a place because of randomness. Their city and emirate are governed by clear laws that everybody follows. When you reach Dubai, you will immediately feel certain respect towards the authorities and the common law. The same goes for filmmaking.

Respect the local laws regarding shooting in public, drone usage, film permits, and so on, and you will have a spectacular filming experience. Fail to do so, and you will be asked to pay some hefty fines, or even leave the country. This rarely happens, but you should be informed about the fact that yes, it can happen. The bottom line in Dubai is, besides being lawful, if you respect the heritage and culture of the people, the people will respond in the same way. Having a great filming experience here is all about common respect, communication, and collaborating towards a great final product.